Tuesday 31 March 2015

Turkish Power Outage - Portable Generators in Istanbul

On the last day of March, 2015, a massive power outage hit Istanbul and many other cities in Turkey. There was a strange atmosphere in the streets: public transport, many businesses and services were suspended and people wondered how long the ordeal would last.

There was no clear information on what caused the outage; theories ranged from an overload of the national power grid, a mishap on power lines connecting Turkey to Europe; to conspiracies such as a sinister government agenda to push nuclear power stations, or a cyber-terrorist attack by Israel (of course - who else?!) or Iran, or Kurdish separatist guerillas.

For me, the most immediate sign of the power outage was the sudden appearance of dozens of portable power generators in front of every shop, home and restaurant. Here is a brief compilation of noisy generators from that strange day.