Thursday 25 December 2014

My Ex Libris Stamp Designs

For the past few years, I’ve been maintaining a little cottage industry in designing and manufacturing personal ex libris stamps. You too can have one made, for the price of 85.- or its equivalent in other currency. Price does not include delivery.

Here is how it can happen;
  • Contact me at
  • Write “Exlibris design request for [NAME SURNAME]” on the subject line of your email.
  • Specify the name to appear on your ex libris (Ex: “From the library of John Q,” etc.)
  • Specify the theme and visuals you want to appear on your ex libris stamp. (Ex: Something with snakes and a skull, etc.) Please don’t get too complicated.
  • I will make a selection of up to five alternatives you can choose from. 
  • I will produce the physical stamp for your chosen design and mail it to you. 
  • I accept payment in cash or Western Union transfers. We will talk about the details.
  • Orders in Istanbul can be delivered directly. For other locations, you will have to pay for the mailing costs as well.
I produced numerous such stamps since 2012, you can see some examples below.
Happy holidays!

For the friend of a co-worker, she wanted something "like Kill Bill."

For the friend of a co-worker, she wanted "a cute hedgehog" for him.

For a close family friend, I embellished his personal logo with wings, tentacles and a skull.

For an artist friend, a fanciful collage of my own design.

For an academician friend, she wanted "something complex and feminine."

For a co-worker and friend, he had loved travel and great white sharks.

For a close friend, a film director with a taste for lovecraftian horror.

For the friend of a friend, she wanted "a cute cat-type of thing."

For a friend and patron of my arts, he wanted something to remind him of his family.

For my wife's sister, she is an ophthalmologist.

For my cousin, she loves horses and has a dear terrier dog.

For the father of my friend, this was a boat drawing of his own design.

My personal gift to the polymath intellectual, lexicologist, author and hotel owner Sevan Nisanyan

For the grandmother of a close friend, she wanted a design with a bouquet of flowers.

For the friend of a friend, she wanted something "basic and typographic."

For a family friend, his first name means "lion."

For a close friend, a dark and feminine collage of my own design.

For the co-worker of my uncle, a doctor with an interest in numismatics.

For the friend of a friend, she wanted a "cute frog design."
Seen here with an exclusive wooden handle.
For the friend of a friend, she wanted a "groovy design with owls and triangles and stuff."
For a friend, she wanted an Aubrey Beardsley drawing.
For a close friend, an artist. This stamp was based on some of her works.
For my uncle, a professor of radiotherapy.
I designed this allegorical figure of a knight, slaying the dragon of cancer with a bolt of lightning. 
A friend's gift for her boyfriend, featuring a "vintage cat-man."
A friend's gift for his girlfriend, featuring the portrait of their cute dog.
For a close friend, she liked pandas.

For a college friend, he wanted a design based on the "hanged man" figure from Tarot lore.

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